By keeping the siege hull still and confort only rotating the turret to fire, Camouflage Nets and code Binocular Telescopes won't dusine reset, making it one of the more difficult tank promo destroyers to spot when used properly although you should not overestimate its confort camouflage values as, unlike the Hellcat.
The M36 confort was developed on the chassis of the M10A1 and M10, bebe with a total of 2,324 vehicles manufactured from November 1943 through September 1945.It is very similar to the M10 Wolverine, with increased armor values and the ability réduction to mount the powerful 90 mm AT Gun.YesYes Pivot, armor 114/25/25 mm Hull Armor 76/25/2576/25/25 mm Turret Armor, armament AP/apcr/HE AP/apcr/HE, shells 96/2800/68 255/4400/255, shell Cost 115/115/185240/240/320 HP Damage 128/177/38160/243/45 mm Penetration.35 usine r/m.5 r/m Rate of Fire 2225.The M36 Jackson confort leads to the T25.Even though it has a turret, remember that the M36 Jackson is a tank destroyer and not a medium confort tank.The most powerful American tank destroyer.However, it cannot mount the 105 mm AT SPH M4 L23 that's code reduction available on the M10 Wolverine.Damage Per Minute.35.35 m Accuracy.7.7 s bebe Aim time confort 1616 deg/s Turret Traverse 360 confort Gun Arc -10/20-10/20 Elevation Arc 5447 rounds Ammo Capacity General 2015 Chance of Fire 370 m 370 m View Range bebe 395 m 615 m Signal Range.Mouse over " " for more information, client Values; dusine Actual confort values in 884,200, cost 560590 HP Hit bebe Points.28/28.8929.08/30.5 t Weight Limit, crew.Retrieved from " ".Jump to: navigation, search, bebe uSA, turreted, tD, tier VI, overview.Commander, gunner, driver, radio Operator, loader, mobility 350420 code hp Engine Power 42/11 km/h Speed Limit 2830 deg/s Traverse.3814.44 hp/t Power/Wt bebe Ratio.II, renault, fT AC III FCM 36 Pak 40 III.Renault, uE 57 IV auto Somua SAu 40 V S35 CA confort VI ARL V39 VII AMX magasin AC mle. "Also heading west at good speed, and not being minute real covert about.

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