It is also possible to reduction obtain an interest free loan léco-prêt à taux zéro alongside the principale tax credit.
LES CRÉdits reduction dimpÔT, leur mode de fonctionnement est similaire à celui des réductions dimpôt.You must either: Achieve a impot minimum level impot of energy credit performance standard, called a performance énergétique globale ; or Undertake the reduction installation of a septic tank credit system; or Realise the works in connection within an area based housing renovation programme.If impot the property has not been used as a principal credit residence, this condition must be fulfilled within six months of completion of the works.So it is possible to principale consider several offers from different suppliers, although principale all offers will not be available in all areas.Ce principe sapplique également aux personnes non imposables.You would be best advised intérêt to residence contact your local public and free renovation advisory service, faire.The generic term impot used for the loans is l'éco prêt, principale although the banks also have credit their own particular terms.You should approach faire, or alternatively direct to your bank, who administer the loans.The installation of thermal insulation in an attic credit space in order to create new living space does principale not create eligibility to the tax credit.The tax credit for home energy conservation is called crédit dimpôt pour la transition énergétique (cite).Next: Elderly/Disabled Adaptations Back: Financial Assistance for Property Renovation in France The Guides to France are residence published for general information only. There are mortgages or unsecured loans available through the high street banks for works of home energy conservation.
Heat pumps and boilers using renewal energy.
You need to take advice on the detail, but, broadly speaking, intérêt the works for which a tax credit is payable include: Double glazing/doors, wall and floor insulation, central heating controls.