the reduction act of parks decreasing or reducing something alimentation (syn: chat decrease, diminution, step-down ) - any process in which electrons are added to reduction an atom or ion (as by center removing imprimer oxygen or adding hydrogen always occurs accompanied by oxidation of the imprimer reducing agent (syn: reducing ) - the act.
Police said they had noticed a reduction significant reduction alimentation in crime last year.
We must press for a alimentation reduction in the number of students in a class.
The gas company has announced price reductions for all customers.They suffered a severe reduction in income.There is a 20 percent reduction on selected items during this sale.This price reduction is due to competition among suppliers.Guests staying 14 nights will receive a 10 reduction.She imprimer had a breast reduction last year.Compare oxidation, usage, beginning students of chemistry are understandably puzzled by the term reduction : shouldn't a reduced atom or ion be reduction one that loses electrons rather than gains them?Thus comes the apparent english paradox that the reduced oxygen has in fact gained something, namely electrons.Every effort is made to secure the highest possible reduction in casualties.See reduction in the Oxford Learner's reduction Dictionary of Academic EnglishSee reduction in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.The company has had a reduction in sales.The government has found it difficult to make real center reductions in government spending.1 countable, uncountable reduction (in something) an act of making something less or smaller; the state of being made less or smaller alimentation a 33 reduction in the number of hospital beds available There has been some reduction in unemployment.They are concerned about the reduction in numbers of people eligible for legal aid.The sense development alimentation was broadly similar to that of reduce; senses (1) and(2) date from the late 17th cent.She proposed a reduction in the state presidents powers. The changing reduction of a fraction into a simpler form, especially by dividing reduction the numerator and denominator by a common factor.
Importantly, though, in the process of gaining an oxygen atom, the hydrogen atoms have had to give up their electrons and share them with the oxygen atoms, while the oxygen atoms have gained electrons.
The farmer compounded with the bank for a reduction in the interest alimentation rate alimentation on the money he owed.