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Add an Artistic Effect to vente the evian image.
There may be reduction some merit in this ideaour 721 KB file did evian end up as only 72 KBbut we wouldnt recommend it unless you want to spend a lot of time playing around with it to try and get it working.The pneus Compress Pictures dialog box Removing the background from privé an image Removing the background from an image can reduction give it a cleaner appearance.Image adjustments Word offers several options for changing the way images appear in your document.Of course, all of these versions add to the size reduction of your file, privé so if you turn off AutoRecover, your file will be smaller.In other words, it made reduction no difference to the file size at all.Create a new Word document.You can still remove it from your new document.Select your choices, click OK, reduction and then save the new version of your document with all of the images compressed.This means privee you can open it with one of those tools and see all of the contents.If you want to remove any previous vente version information from within the document, reduction either copy the content reduction to a brand-new document or do a File Save As to save to a new document, as we suggested previously.Select the image you want to crop. Copy Everything into a Brand-New Document As you work on a document, Word saves various things in the background to help you.

Choose a Target output.
If you're using the word example, add an artistic effect to the image in the New Online Resident Portal section.