Especially so with lower caliber weapons (.223, 9 mil, etc).
Considering that most of us don't have the same level of training or experience (or reliable statistical data) as today's law enforcement we might fare even worse.
Fire, drop, grab store a new one, repeat till out of guns.This often requires more apple than 5 or 7 promo or 10 or 15 rounds.Log in or Sign up reduction log in sign up 16 more pneus replies 10 more replies 7 more replies 47 more replies, more posts from the changemyview community.Were talking promo about, when averaged, about an 80 miss rate in trained hands store (less-trained civilians its even higher).As mentioned promo above, as lawful gun owners reduction we cannot support any legislation that would apple cripple our own ability to pneus defend ourselves and france our families and it is clear that reducing the number of rounds apple we can carry would limit our ability to.They just took turns reloading the large number of low capacity magazines they had on hand.Second, it may store very well take more than 5 rounds to neutralize store a target.Another argument that on the surface, may to some make sense.Or clips can be used for promo internal magazines.Criminals would have to reload more often and would thus be easier to stop.No proposed number of rounds to which magazines should be limited is viable.Press J to jump to the feed.Criminals ignore magazine capacity limitations wherever possible.States reduction That Currently Have code Magazine Capacity Limitations or Bans.Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.The simple answer is that its very likely Ill need more than 5 rounds to save my life, and when carrying for protection Im not reduce loaded up with like 10 magazines.However, they concluded that it was premature to make definitive assessments of the ban's impact on gun crime, and argue that if the ban had been in effect for more than nine years, benefits might have begun to appear. View all posts by Jacob Paulsen.
One officer with his one gun wasn't reduction enough to stop the carnage.

Depending on what year and what city's report, police officers generally only enjoy 17 to reduce 40 accuracy on the streets with their handguns (NYtimes 1 2 ).
Fourth, even if we went back to single shot guns, someone looking to kill a bunch of people with guns could just simply bring a bag full of guns.