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X-axis and Y-axis represent the value of decomposed independent components.You can use ongle Pearson (continuous variables) or Polychoric (discrete variables) correlation deal matrix to identify the variables with high correlation and select reduction one of them using VIF (Variance officielle Inflation reduction Factor).Factor Analysis: Lets say some variables are highly correlated.Drop Item_Identifier coupon 'Outlet_Identifier axis1) model max_depth10) t_dummies(df) em_Outlet_Sales) After fitting the model, plot the feature importance graph: features lumns importances model.Just be careful that random forests have a lyonnais tendency to bias towards variables that have more.These code factors are small in number as compared to the original dimensions of the data.The techniques we reductions have seen so far are generally used when we do not have a very large number of variables in our dataset.Today, his deal position and movement gets measured by GPS sensor on bike, gyro meters, multiple video feeds and his smart watch.Although, we use these techniques to solve machine learning problems.So, it would make sense to use only one variable.Less dimensions lead to less reduction coupon computation/training time.Applying PCA to your dataset loses its meaning.Here are some ways to select variables: officielle Greedy reduction algorithms which add and remove variables until some criterion reduction is met. For your quick reference, reductions below are some of the key points you should know about deal reduction PCA before proceeding further: A principal component is a linear mistergooddeal combination of the original variables Principal reduction components are extracted in such a way that the first coupon principal component explains maximum.
Dimension deal reduction eliminates noisy data dimensions and thus and improves accuracy in classification and clustering, in addition to reduced ongle computational cost.