TheNyström method, affaire which links several of promo the code algorithms, is also reviewed.
Extracting novembre noise-robust features from audio.Tresp, novembre editors, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 13, pages 675681.Cambridge University Press, fnac 2nd code edition, 1992.In Second international workshop on affaire statistical and computational theories of code vision - modeling, learning, computing, code and sampling, 2001.We give a tutorial overview of several geometric methods for feature extractionand dimensional réduction reduction.Mixtures of probabilistic principal affaire component analyzers.A training algorithm code for optimal margin classifiers.Theoretical foundations of the western potentialfunction method in pattern recognition learning.Learning segmentation by novembre random walks.Wiley, New York, 1994.Neural Computation, 10(5 12991319, 1998.Annals of Statistics, code 13(2 435475, 1985.CrossRef Google Scholar.R.K.Harmonic Analysys on Semigroups.In Fifth Annual promo Workshop on Computational Learning affaire Theory, pages 144152, Pittsburgh, 1992.For affaire projective methods, we affaire review projection pursuit, coupon principal component analysis (PCA kernel PCA, code promo réduction probabilistic PCA, canonical correlation analysis (CCA kernel CCA, Fisher discriminant analysis, oriented PCA, and several techniques for sufficient dimension reduction. Annals code of Statistics, 12:793815, 1984.
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Johns Hopkins, third edition, 1996.