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How An MCA Sale Is Tracked

I want to elaborate more on these “affiliate” links and how they are nothing more than a way to track commissions. NOT a format for someone like MCA to steal your personal information or Identity.

For this example we will use GoDaddy.com simply because everyone is familiar with this name, and if you visit their home page you will see a link that says affiliates. By clicking this link you can sign up as an “affiliate” right now and start getting paid to promote GoDaddy through a custom link which they provide to you. This is how they’re able to track exactly where this customer came from and then pay the appropriate commission. (or pay the “cost” for this “action“)

This is one of my links as it looks in my affiliate account manager; http://x.co/ZWWF. Clearly this makes no sense to anyone except GoDaddy. This jumbled up mess of letters is how they know “Pam Jones is who we owe this money too”, and that is all its used for.

Now with an entire section set-up for Affiliate’s on GoDaddy’s main webpage, do you really think they would allow me to see your credit card number when your making a purchase? Of course not! These companies are not idiots, it would be lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit!

I don’t see anything EVER regarding a person’s information when a sale is made through my link. This is no different with MCA (or TVC matrix), they only provide me a “unique link” which can then track my sales or commissions. These links are all merely redirected to that companies site but it then allows them (MCA club of America) the opportunity to track any new customers back to me.

Sometimes we just have to “keep things simple” or we can complicate the hell out a process that is really not all that hard. Just remember that every page (absolutely EVERY page) on the internet has it’s own address in the main address bar. It is like its own personal phone number, no two phone numbers are ever the same.

The concept behind affiliate links are exactly that, whether it is MCA, or Ez Money Method I am trying to get traffic to….that link they give me is the only one like it. I get credit for the sale simply because these companies can see it was “my link” that the new customer came through. :)

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