Does MCA Club Really Provide A Decent Service?

I have been promoting MCA for over a year now and just called in need of a tow the other day. It was really just ironic timing that someone contacted me this morning asking if they really provide a “good service?”

I answered them with the very same thing I am posting here; “This is my one and only experience with calling their 800 number in need of help.”

My car is an older 95 Buick Riviera Supercharged….LOVE my car! :) She has been awesome for the five years I have owned her, until I recently moved from Arizona back to Missouri. Ugh I guess my gratitude here is that she waited til we got here to immediately require a lot of money and help in general.

It was literally within 2 days of arriving that my transmission slipped for the first time ever, and less than 24 hours later it went out completely. (to the tune of 1600) When I broke down it was on a major street and an officer showed up to help avoid an accident within minutes. My first thought was to call State Farm cause that’s who handles my auto insurance and they included roadside assistance. However, the location I was in was really hazardous and State Farm said it would take up to 45 minutes. The officer informed me that the transmission shop could be there within in five minutes and don’t charge if they do the work. He was also emphasizing that l needed to have it moved NOW! (really what it came down to)

Long story short, car was towed and repaired within a few days. I pick up the car and sadly hand over the 1600 bucks, but happy to have her back. Get on the Interstate less than 5 miles down the street and she stalls in friggin rush hour. Cannot make this stuff up! :( It seemed like a fuel issue (or lack thereof) and therefore not something I could call the tranny shop over, transmission was fine.

It was like a bad dream since I just invested 250 on a right rear axle before making the trip only a week prior. Anyway, here I am on the narrow shoulder of I-35 at the I-29 split on a narrow ass shoulder with traffic whizzing by.

Remembering my recent experience with State Farm I thought, “Well let’s see what MCA is really about”…and called the number on the back of the card. They asked for my membership number, location of the vehicle, and where I wanted it towed. Told me someone would be there within 30 minutes and to wait near the car. So I did.

Less than thirty minutes later I see the glorious sight of flashing lights on top of the flatbed tow truck, it was clear that they were there for me. I was hooked up safely and securely and asked again, “where we goin?” At this point I just wanted it home, so I gave him my home address which wasn’t to far at all….figured I would get a mobile mechanic since my only mechanical experience out here has been with a transmission shop.

This is a copy of the tow bill which I never had to pay.

tow recipt 001

It is a bit hard to read, but I circled toward the top where it says Bill To: here he wrote in “Auto Hotline”, this was MCA Club. I also circled the Total: which would have cost me 78 bucks. Now I was only towed 2 miles in all honesty, so I don’t have a clue why it would be so high other than it being on the Interstate. Maybe when they have to get out there in such dangerous conditions they charge more for that, either way it matters not….I don’t have to pay it. :) I scribbled out the Destination as this is my home address, and I don’t feel the world needed to know my VIN# either, but this is my actual tow receipt.

It was less than an hour after getting home that my phone rang and it was MCA following up. They actually called just to make sure everything went well and that I was home safely, and let me know to call them when I needed them in the future. :) I was impressed, in my opinion they were much better to deal with than State Farm.

All this being said, I have thankfully not had to use the pre-paid legal services they offer…or anything else for that matter. But keep in mind these are also available should you need help fighting a traffic violation or accident. If you do I would love to hear your experience with those products, I will just keep doing all I can to avoid that end of MCA. :)

Much Success To You!


PS. How’s the car now? Still in the driveway waiting for the the new fuel pump to arrive. :( “It’s all good!” Lol

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All BS Aside, Is MCA Club Really Just Another Scam?

I will keep this short as I have learned most people just want the facts, not to waste their time on another online opportunity promising the world.


The reality of making these thousands of dollars promised by most of these work from home opportunities are in fact real, however the time frame of this happening is well exaggerated by virtually everyone out there. This is why most people feel they are continuously scammed. (and rightfully so)


Here is the truth about MCA Club of America (one of my personal favorites). You have an opportunity to make an unlimited income with a minimal investment. But to really ensure your success you need to be prepared to learn more about online marketing, and be ok knowing that you probably won’t start out making a thousand a week; but that it actually is an attainable goal in time.

I have provided so much information about online marketing on this site, and I actually have 2 other websites with information pertaining only to Motor Club of America. I am there to help my new referrals every step of the way by sending bonus software, a password protected video that shows you how easy it is to setup a new website, and I always provide only truthful information.


Much Success To You!


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Are You Discouraged With Motor Club Of America?

Many entrepreneurs signup to work from home with something like Motor Club of America, and if they see no money within a few weeks discouragement sets in and they start questioning “when do I give up?” So this post is all about answering the question, “when is enough enough? …and when should you cut your losses?”

The short answer is NEVER….but of course I will elaborate much more on why I feel so strongly about this, my personal journey (including what I am going through as I write this), and the true price for success.

My story is not some “hyped up guru crap of making thousands overnight”, honestly I believe very few really are. Working from home has been an ongoing process with this site (and now several others) for a year and a half. It is full of frustration, heartbreak, success and failure! Here is a taste of where I have been and where I am at now; you see above all else…..I am still just a person who deals with life as much as the rest of you. (maybe more so)

When I started this site I was married (happily I thought) and we wanted a better life than truck driving was providing. I came across Znz and signed up, I then started this site and my journey as someone who was DETERMINED to have financial success. It was a long road at first, but I was making money for sure. Things started to “click” and it seemed the sky was the limit.

Now a year ago next week my husband decided he didn’t want to be married anymore, one day I am waiting for him to come home for the Holidays (I was then staying off the road while he still drove)…..and the next thing I knew he just changed his mind and I never saw him again. Devastated??? Yea I was.

I lost everything; when I say everything I mean emotionally and materialistically. I couldn’t get it together to save my life, I just stopped functioning for lack of a better term. So I got rid of all our possessions in Kansas city and moved back to the mountains in Arizona to stay with family. This is a place I have never enjoyed being, but I clearly had to have support to get through the divorce and try and pick up the pieces, and by the Grace of God I did just that.

However, here we are at the Holidays again just one year later and it is a battle every moment to refrain from “hating every moment of it”. For whatever reason this time of year has almost always been associated with pain for me, but I do not want to go into the Holidays with that miserable attitude….no good will come from it.

I have my only sister up here who battles with serious health issues and quite honestly is withering away. (literally) She goes to the hospital once to twice a month via an ambulance, and sadly she is there as I am writing this.

A few months ago I came across Motor Club of America and started out with such a bang that I decided to give up the few thousand that Znz brought in. I was tired of dealing with Znzer’s….I mean no disrespect, but for the most part this was a class of entrepreneurs who wanted something for nothing. Although I made really good money, I was really tired of answering the same questions over and over for a lousy twenty dollar one time payout. So I decided to stop promoting Znz and I changed this entire site over to EZMM and Motor Club of America to primarily focus on that.

I honestly didn’t think this was going to be such a huge deal with Google, I mean the content in this site clearly reflects MCA now, I updated my sitemap and have been running Senuke like crazy. Yet here I am, no income from Znz and still not ranked for Motor Club of America…..does my income (or lack thereof) reflect that? You bet it does!

Lately it seems almost impossible to pick myself up and dust myself off, I mean I could write a book on discouragement….but not failure!

My point is to let all of you know that I can relate to where you’re at more than you know, but I also know these things:

I know my problem is a lack of web traffic for MCA right now, but what is the solution??? For absolutely every problem there is a solution….and that is what I (and you) need to focus on! I know the money with Motor Club of America is there, I also know it will be ten times better than Znz ever was with much less work involved; I just need to dominate Google for those keywords.

You see Google changes their algorithm (the way they rank sites) fairly often and we need to change with it. I have been fighting social media for a long time now, I hate everything about it. Tweeting, liking, plus one, UGH…..for me that is something I have avoided (successfully) this entire time, but Google is now acknowledging that kind of “professional social activity” more than article submissions; I can’t put this off anymore even though it is the last thing I want to do.

This is my business, and if you’re involved with MCA or wanting to be….you have to view it as such. If I were to go and open a diner in my area I wouldn’t expect to financially retire in only weeks, why would I with my online business?

I wouldn’t expect my customers to continue to show up if I didn’t show up to work…. if I had a lack of customers I would certainly expect to find new ways of marketing to get more if I wanted to be successful. In other words, if my business was failing and I wanted to keep it open I would have to remain persistent and work through those times when it seemed nothing was working. The truth is we all know that a successful business takes time, money and effort. It takes perseverence through the hard times and a solution to the problems that arise.

An internet business is NO DIFFERENT! I am not sure why the mentality is different with people looking for online success, but it is! We have to get past this way of thinking and realize that working from home with something like Motor Club of America will require everything a brick and mortar store would. The only real difference is our investment is much more minimal! We do not need to invest in a building, employees, or an inventory….but we damn sure better invest our time and commitment to see it come into fruition; the only reason 99% of all entrepreneurs fail is that 1% didn’t quit because they were discouraged.

Much Success To You!


Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.

-Leon J. Suenes

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MCA Motor Club Vs. AAA

With the majority of Americans now learning of MCA motor club as an alternative to AAA, I thought it would be a good idea to see how the two compare side by side. I mean the reason MCA motor club is paying affiliates such a high commission is in fact to compete with AAA.

So as I browsed I noticed they offered a “premier service” for 123.00 a year. This premier service is the usual towing for automobile breakdowns that made AAA so famous, but includes a couple minor extras. They now offer home lockout reimbersement if you have to call a locksmith (not very impressive in my opinion), and what they refer to as a “concierge service.”

This so called concierge service offers things like a legal referral hotline, weather information, rental car information, etc…..all of this is available to you when traveling more than 100 miles from home.

Now I am not trying to knock AAA here, but what a thing they have going! When you start to think like an affiliate you will see how everyone is doing it, connecting you with the services you want for a commission. Take as an example, people are loving this site because they are being rewarded for going shopping at places like Home Depot. Well, Home Depot will pay any affiliate a nice commission for sending new customers their way. Let’s say they are willing to pay an affiliate 20.00 for sending a customer who spends 100.00 or more. (just an example, I have no idea what they pay)

Now ebates sets up affiliate accounts with all these major stores and offers ten dollars cash back to anyone who spends 100.00 or more. They just made a profit of ten bucks on only one person shopping at one store, and the customer is thrilled because they were going to spend that money anyway.

So let’s look at AAA’s “concierge service”; they are charging you more money to refer you to third party companies who are paying them a commission I am sure. (I really hope you’re following me here, NOBODY works for free!)

We have all seen the commercials for 1-800-Dentists, Lawyers, etc….how do these people make their money? They are just affiliates for these Dentists and Lawyers who are willing to pay them for sending a “new customer” their way. This is how it all works my friends. Therefore this is why I say AAA is brilliant, they are hiding their affiliate marketing side behind their well known name….and because of that they are actually charging people for a “referral service” in which I have no doubt they profit from when someone pays one of these companies for that service.

If only more people would take the time to learn how affiliate marketing works this would not happen so much, and certainly not right under everyone’s nose!

Anyway, that’s pretty much what you get for your 123.00 (about ten bucks a month) a year for AAA’s premier service. So what about MCA motor club’s pro driver for 20.00 a month???

Of course you have the free towing, but they also offer a cash benefit of up to 500.00 for car rental if your vehicle is totaled, an ER cash benefit of up to 500.00 resulting from a car accident, bail bonds up to 500.00, up to 2000.00 on legal services, and even accidental death are all available as a result of a car accident.

They also offer accidental lockout reimbursement for your home, credit card protection, and travel protection should you be involved in a car accident away from home.

No doubt the cost for this is twice as much as AAA, but just highlighting the major benefits offered vs. the cost should clearly show that MCA motor club is the better choice. These are just the benefits we are covering, you also have the ability to profit very well from MCA motor club as opposed to AAA who does not offer such an affiliate program.

I look at it this way, if I am going to pay for AAA to “be prepared” in case of vehicle breakdown….why would I only want to be prepared for that one thing? We never know when or if a bad accident will affect our life, if it does (God forbid) I know that I am covered on so many more levels than AAA offers by choosing to use MCA motor club for a few more bucks. When I implement that with how much money I make promoting their services it becomes a no brainer; MCA motor club’s pro driver is by far better than any “premier service” AAA offers.

Just one marketers opinion that is worth what it cost you! :)

Much Success To You!


The future depends on what we do in the present.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Using MCA Motor Club Benefits

There has been a lot of posts on whether or not MCA motor club is a good work from home opportunity and if it is a scam or not; but what about the benefits offered? Have any of you used them?

I will be the first to admit that I jumped all of MCA motor club for the purpose of making money; so much so I almost forgot about the benefits. Fortunately I got an email that quickly reminded of the value included with this little card in my wallet.

As many of you know I have been overwhelmingly BUSY changing this entire site to really promote MCA motor club because I believe in it THAT MUCH. As you can imagine it can be frustrating when you are starting any new work from home venture and you’re working your way through the serps, but in the middle of it I got an email of total gratitude yesterday.

I will keep it relatively simple and short (and anonymous :)). This lady who is on my team for about a month now has been in touch here and there trying to profit from MCA motor club, but time has always been an issue for her. Although she has been frustrated from time to time, she is relentless and determined to succeed regardless. (and so she will) Anyway, she lives in Midland, Tx and went to visit her mom in Grandfield (also in Texas) about 75 miles away.

Like most of us, she is not a wealthy woman by any means and her vehicle is old but paid for. She proceeded to tell me that on the way home it broke down shortly after leaving her mom in Grandfield which is pretty much in the middle of no where (as she puts it). She told me she was so frustrated and worried about how she was ever going to get home herself, much less her car. She literally almost forgot that she was actually a member of MCA motor club; when she did remember she hoped “it was all they said it was.” I am so very happy to say that it was!!! :)

She called the number on the back of her card and told me she was so excited when they actually answered and told her they were going to contact a towing company and have help there as soon as possible. Since there was really no automobile services from where she was stranded to Midland….she got a free 62 mile tow all the way home.

I was SO excited to get that email, not only was this lady so elated to not have that financial burden put on her….she told me “Pam, considering that bill was well over a hundred dollars and I have only paid a total of sixty to have MCA so far….I can honestly say I made my first profit from it.”

You know, I hope I remember that story the next time (God forbid) my butt is stuck in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I take for granted that there is money in the bank now to deal with incidentals (concept); but the truth is I am a member of MCA motor club (not just an affiliate) and these are benefits that I am entitled to should I ever need them. I think at times we all take certain things for granted; should we be blessed enough to drive a “reliable car” we put gas in it and go without any thought at all.

Truth is even reliable cars break down, run out of gas, get a flat tire, etc. Having the benefits of MCA motor club at times like that is exactly what this product is designed for. It wasn’t always such an available opportunity to work from home, it was protection for drivers….so if you promote MCA that’s great; but don’t forget that little card in your wallet when it counts the most. :)

Much Success To You!


Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probably reason why so few people engage in it.

-Henry Ford

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Can You Cancel MCA or TVC Anytime???

The above question has quickly become one of the new search terms bringing in traffic to this site, so let me thoroughly address this. Yes, you absolutely can cancel MCA (Motor Club of America) and/or TVC (Truckers Voice in Court); that said here is my opinion on it!

Anyone who has ever opened a traditional business (or wanted to) knows two things for sure!

1. It will require a huge financial investment and commitment of time.

2. If you are lucky and persevere, you may see a profit in the first year.

Now those two thing being “common knowledge” in our society, why is it people want to know if they can cancel a twenty dollar a month overhead for a “legitimate work from home business” baffles the hell out of me.

Seriously, let’s just analyze this thoroughly so that everyone can “hopefully” see things with a new set of glasses. (metaphorically speaking of course)

You have a company like MCA that has been around since 1926 offering a valuable service that has been enjoyed by professional drivers for years and years. (hence Tvc or Truckers Voice in Court) Now this company (MCA) is offering this service to any and all motorists and so they decided to allow people who are serious about a work from home business the opportunity to “buy in.” (so to speak) Think of this as a “franchise opportunity” offered by a major chain, people invest in the name of the business. This is no different than MCA or TVC, I mean you know they pay because I have SHOWED YOU in previous posts!

Now the main difference is this will not cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to open up, you will not need to maintain an inventory or stock, and you don’t even need to hire employees or work 16 hour days. It costs forty stinking dollars to buy into this franchise and you have the ability to use EZMM (Ez Money Method) and their video presentation to promote it for FREE. (so far we are still at forty bucks!)

Every month thereafter it will cost you only twenty dollars, now keep in mind you are actually getting the service offered by MCA for this expense. Therefore this is where we are at, we now have “our own business” and the ability to earn a lucrative income for practically nothing; but the first thing we want to know is whether we can quit this at anytime. Can you see how you are setting yourself up for failure with this mentality???

If we know that any “brick and mortar” store will require so much more from us, and yet we would be thrilled to show an actual profit within the first year; why would we ever go into a business from home with such a ridiculous mentality?

We aren’t making near the investment, do not need to commit to 16 hour days, employees, insurance, etc….but the only thing on our mind is whether we can give up right away if we don’t have instant success. Promoting MCA is a business, we want to get involved hoping to quit our day jobs…why would we expect it to happen immediately? More importantly, why would we be so quick to walk away if it doesn’t?

This website and my success has been a journey, it took a lot of work and some time before it became as lucrative as it is now. Many people thought I was nuts for not quitting, they seen someone just chasing a dream…..but I remained relentless nonetheless. I simply maintained that mentality that “if this were an overnight process EVERYONE would have success.” There is a reason it is only 1% who find online success; 99% GIVE UP! They cancel and go screaming that they fell for another scam, truth is they just didn’t treat it as a REAL business!

Working from home is a luxury and a privilege  this is not something you just obtain because you have a computer and a desire. It requires knowledge, determination, and TIME! As long as you are determined to make your business a success because you are tired of playing the game, tired of your 9 to 5, and tired of living paycheck to paycheck….you WILL succeed at anything online! MCA and TVC is just an affordable opportunity that pays really really well, it is a place to start where you can replace your traditional paycheck while learning how to market online.

But please don’t go in with the mindset of “well I will give this once month, if I don’t see any results I am done.” I will save you the forty bucks by telling you with the utmost confidence, “YOU HAVE ALREADY FAILED!!!” That is the reality of it, if you can not treat this as you would opening a business in your community….you will be quick to run away and insist you were “dooped again.”

Change the way you think about working from home, and you will change the success you currently have. (or lack thereof :))

Much Success To You!


The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.

-Elbert Hubbard

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The Difference Between Ez Money Method & Ez Money Method 2x

There are a couple things I want to clear up with Ez Money Method, and one is why you would see Ez Money Method 2x when signing up with EZMM.

So let me go over the research I did to learn the differences as well as what makes this such a great work from home opportunity. Lots of illustration in this one because I want you to SEE what I am trying to get across. :)

As you can see from the image above the Ez Money Method (or EZMM for short) was only created by Adam Whiting in June of this year, and the original product he designed this system for was to promote “my pc backup.” The concept is entirely the same as MCA and the system still completely free. The difference is this was created for people to buy into “my pc backup” for only 6 dollars a month for an “advanced commission” of 50 bucks.

Again this goes right back to MCA and how they are able to pay 80.00 on something that costs 20.00 a month, the “bean counters” based this advanced commission on past customer retention statistics. History has shown that people love the service and keep it for a certain period of time.

Now the Ez Money Method 2x was created just over a month later as you can see here. (You can look this stuff up through a site called :))

Again you can see the web address I typed in was and the arrow points to when it was created.

Now as I am writing this post I will tell you that today’s date is 10/4/2012, so Ez Money Method 2x (used to promote MCA) only came into existence less than 2 and a half months ago. Ground floor opportunity people, and this is why.

When we take a look at Google’s keyword tool to see how much these new terms are searched this is what you will find.

In this picture you will notice they have no data at all on Ez Money Method 2x and Ez Money Method is only searched 720 times in the US. However, you can also see the window that explains these searches are based on a 12 month average! So what does it all mean?

Well if Ez Money Method has only been in existence since June 21st of this year this data is very new (as well as the site) and then it is divided by 12 months, this number is far from accurate. In other words, it is searched a whole lot more than Google is able to show because they are averaging numbers over a period of time that Ez Money Method wasn’t even created. :)

Now let’s look at one more image and then I want to share a Znz story along with how my site (and success) came to be!

Notice that I entered Ez Money Method 2x into Google, and as you can see by the circled results…Google only found 29,600 results. THIS IS HUGE!!! Let me explain why….

When I built this site it was because I was promoting Znz and wanted a blog to promote this opportunity. (I had learned from my first website that blogging is everything!) Anyway, I was still a newbie and wanted to get traffic using that 100 credit Google gives away in their Adword advertising. (pay per click)

Well to use this free hundred dollar credit you actually have to call Google and let them setup your first campaign. (just sales is all it was) The lady that was setting me up asked me what keywords I wanted to use, and I said Znz. (mostly because I knew it would be cheap…lol)

She told me, “that’s not being searched, you don’t want to use that.” I said, “yes it is, it’s just to new for you to show any data.” She then wanted to pull a bit of a power trip and tell me “WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS, WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING.” I respectfully said, “I am sure you do, but I am telling you people are searching it and it just hasn’t caught up to your data.” ….needless to say, I won! (and I think it was like .10 cents a click :))

She told me she would call when I got my first click, and low and behold it was less than two hours later when she called and was completely surprised.

You see I knew people HAD to be seeing Znz on Facebook and Craigslist and then looking for more information, but Google doesn’t update these search queries every day. Within a month this very site owned ZNZ in the search results, I never had to do anymore seo work on it, never had to do anything to be honest….Google seen that I was the most relevant site for people wanting Znz information. And for the record, Znz now shows over 33,000 AVERAGE monthly searches in the US alone.

Now I stopped promoting this because I believe the potential is so much bigger with MCA and EZMM, so I let Znz go away in the rankings because I changed all of my content to reflect the Ez Money Method. After doing this I know I need “fast traffic” while I am waiting to rank for the more searched terms, so simply by posting on the Ez Money Method 2x I expect I will be on page one of Google in a matter of days. Not long after that will come Ez Money Method, EZMM, MCA, etc…..but the one that shows no data at all right now anyone can own because no one realizes that it is in fact being searched.

I know on this site I have constantly referred to “The Google God’s”, but truth is as “humans” we still have the ability to “out think” a computer program…..even if it is Google! :)

Much Success To You!


Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

-Harold R. McAlindon

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The Real Story Behind MCA and TVC

Well I was researching Motor Club Of America today and realized a very interesting twist of irony, this was once only available to truckers. Of course this is rather ironic since I was a driver and came into contact with TVC often, I just didn’t put it altogether until today. :)

As a matter of fact, I got so “into this” research that I wanted to know what TVC stood for, and I found a blog stating it meant “The Vital Connection” and I was sold. (sounded good at the time) However, after some more research I found a few Truckers websites and then realized it actually stands for the “Truckers Voice in Court.” This is really how TVC came to be and what it currently stands for.

I truly scoured the internet for hours because there are many other sites who also mention The Vital Connection and it’s creator Virgil Coffee as the “mastermind” behind TVC….none of this information comes from MCA itself. Actually what I did find is does in fact reiterate that all services are provided by Motor Club of America, and this appears to be an “official site” as opposed to an affiliate site. (the logo on the associate agreement is also a “Semi” with TVC on the side of it. :))

This not only reiterates it’s validity for me, but it makes so much sense now. Lol You see you can barely walk into a truck stop without someone standing at a podium trying to sell you CDL protection. Mostly they focus on the “up to two thousand in legal fees” to defend you in court against tickets. When you are a “driver” this is huge because tickets are almost a given, I mean driving is your full-time job and truckers constantly have to deal with DOT. (Department of Transportation) In a sense, drivers are a very easy target out there because one asshole sitting in a scale house can cost you thousands. (literally)

As you can imagine, these tickets can not only cost a driver financially; but it can cost their job depending on what it is for and/or how many they accumulate. Keeping tickets off a drivers record is big business, and although I never signed up for this service out there (I was pretty compliant and drove newer equipment), I had always heard good things about TVC from those who had used them.

Anyway, I remember thinking to myself how much that must suck just standing there trying to sell insurance to drivers…now I get it! Hell, it was a 160.00 day for them if they only got two drivers to sign! Not a bad day for standing around a “chatting it up” with lonely drivers! (and they get to sleep in their own bed at the end of the day)

In a way it makes me wish I was living in an area where I too could just setup shop in a truck stop. I mean if these drivers knew that a work from home opportunity with a commission structure like this was also included they would be much more motivated to join! (I would have been)

Most every driver I have ever met out there has a laptop and is burned out living on the road; but replacing that income is tough to do without a really good college degree. The sad thing is when I think back on it now (feels like a lifetime ago) these people always requested “referrals” from drivers as well. They were right there to ask ever so subtly; “who do you know would be a good candidate for this service?”….and almost always the driver will be giving them contacts because drivers talk to drivers! Really interesting now that I can put myself back in that truck stop again. :)

Anyway, I am not “faulting” the reps at the time I was on the road, from what I have read it was only in October 2011 that TVC and MCA launched this new affiliate program. So for all I know drivers didn’t have this work from home opportunity available then, there were probably many more guidelines to promote MCA than we have now.

My point to all of this is really two fold, one is that providing the history of a company like Motor Club of America will certainly help people understand it and feel more at ease promoting it. The second is to emphasize the importance of “thoroughly researching” the information you find before copying it from another site.

Again I have no “hard evidence” that these other marketers are wrong when they talk about TVC’s history. However, as someone who was a driver and approached out there numerous times AND not finding anything to the contrary; I feel confident enough to say that TVC has nothing to do with “The Vital Connection” but it does in fact stand for “Truckers Voice in Court.” :)

Much Success To You!


PS. At the risk of having “egg on my face” I did call TVC matrix and confirmed it has nothing to do with The Vital Connection but does in fact stand for The Truckers Voice in Court. So word to the wise out there, “do your homework” prior to posting. This “mis-information” has now snowballed online simply because other marketers “assumed” what they read was true.

The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think.

-James Beattie

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To Promote MCA Or Not???

The past few days I have had to do a lot of pondering regarding whether or not MCA was really worth promoting, I mean odds are you have heard the drama by now with Mack Zidan and his “new” 4080 method which of course is now being promoted by EZMM (Ez Money Method) and Adam Whiting.

Now if we forget that whole situation for a moment there is one part to this that people may not really be aware of….which is that Motor Club of America is in fact a reputable company offering a valuable service! This being said, certain states will require you obtain a license to sell this product; so I have truly had A LOT to ponder here.

My decision still remains that I am moving ahead with MCA and highly suggest others to do the same, and here’s a few of my reasons for this decision.

1. MCA is offering a legitimate and highly useful product, and they do have a good reputation….they did not start as some fly by night opportunity to work from home, and this is not their primary purpose now!

2. People always say they want a legitimate opportunity to work from home, well the fact that this company is FULLY compliant with all state and federal laws should say something to people about it’s legitimacy. What would scare me more than anything is if they presented themselves as a reputable insurance company but didn’t readily disclose those states which people were required to obtain a license in order to sell their product.

3.  They do have phone support (great support actually) just for their associates and the questions they may have regarding licensing, commissions, etc.

I have told my readers over and over again that marketing online (sales in general) is all a big numbers game; so lets look at some numbers; and for the hell of it I am going to go worst case scenario. Before we do that look at this screenshot from one of my bank accounts showing my first week with MCA. It was a direct deposit of 399.00, I deleted most everything else for obvious reasons….but you can see it was a deposit because it was added to the 1290.96 in the far right column. You can also see this account is at Bank Of The West by the main address bar;

Let us assume that you live in a state requiring a license and that it cost you 150.00 to obtain that license. Of course you are also buying the product at 19.95 a month and paying the first and last month in advance for a total of 39.90, and now you are going to use the EZMM to promote it which is completely free! Total investment  for this new business is 189.90 to start and you have to keep the product for 19.95 every month thereafter, twenty bucks a month is your only “overhead.”

Now you go out and get referrals, let’s assume you are like me and you will disclose the MCA requirements….so you may get “less signups” because people don’t want to spend any money to make a fortune. (this is the mentality just so you know) So you only get 5 signups a week who actually are willing to meet the requirements (this is not hard)….5 times 80.00 (your commission) equals 400.00 all day long!

Remembering that your investment was a total of 190.00…you just made a profit of 220.00. Now this investment you had to make is gone, each and every referral after this initial expense is ALL PROFIT. (except of course the twenty you are paying once a month for the product)

Most people can really use an extra 400 a week, many people will make much more than that if they just apply themselves…..all this while being able to sleep at night because you are promoting MCA the right way. (full disclosure)

Let’s look at the other scenario, let’s say you pay for the license and never mention the MCA associate requirements because you just want this product to convert. PERIOD!

People see the video and get all excited and quickly pay the 40 bucks, so you make a total of 20 signups in a week. Now out of those twenty people lets assume that half of them won’t earn you the commission because they are in a state requiring a license and they are pissed and won’t do it; but the other ten are in one of the many states not requiring any further investment….so of course you get your payout on those ten. If my math is correct 10×8= 800 bucks all day long.

You see the potential to make great money is there either way, I am low balling these numbers just to make a point of how the licensing can and will pay for itself in no time!

The choice is absolutely yours alone to make, but for me; I know I can sleep at night, make money, and keep my “integrity” if I just let the world know “the fine printprior to paying the forty dollars to MCA. :)

Much Success To You!


The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

-Arthur C. Clarke

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Bonus Package

I have been scouring the web trying to find the most “useful” marketing tools I could find that don’t consist of the typical “garbage” most will offer. As I find more I will immediately add them to this page.

These bonuses will be sent out to everyone who signs up with TVC Matrix provided you use an accurate email address when completing your profile over there.



Warrior Tools - Very cool little program which helps in multiple areas and includes 200 sites to submit links to your site.







Directory Link Submitter – Linking is so important, and this little guy will submit your link to over 2700 Directories.







Classified Ad Creator- I am always stressing the importance of creating ads that “POP”, so if you are not creative this is for you!





Article Submitter - Not only does this have 137 directories to submit to. They have also included 25 custom entries so you can add your favorite high PR sites yourself.




Ebook Creator - What a handy tool for the true entrepreneur. Write your own informative book to sell on Clickbank and/or pass on as a free bonus!






Testimonials Generator – We have all seen them, those sites that sell us on all the “great recommendation.” Well now your site can have them too with this little program.



My goal as a marketer is that people can trust what I say is in their best interest, and that I deliver on everything I promise! I don’t want to be known as or compared to every cut-throat affiliate out there, my hope is to provide others with one place where people can go and not be taken advantage of.

Much Success To You!


A harmful truth is better than a useful lie.

- Thomas Mann

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